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Blurb & Important Dates Reveal!

File_000 (28)Guess what I have for you today? As an EXTRA special Teaser Tuesday the blurb and release date for Forget You Not!

I’m still working on finishing Lark and Rowen’s book but the summary is done! 

Destiny is bogus and fate is fake.
Everything happens for a reason?
I gave up on my fairy tale years ago.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not settling for less.
All my energy gets poured into a job I love rather than dead end relationships.
Men aren’t even a blip on my radar these days.
Who needs them?
Except to scratch the occasional itch, I’m not interested in anything they have to offer.

If so-called Cupid ever comes knocking on my door, I’ll be waiting with my flying pig because happily ever after doesn’t exist.
I’ve become a jaded disbeliever and my main reason just sauntered into the bar.
Rowen Sworr is the only arrow that pierced my heart, and dammit, he stuck.

His random reappearance is a complicated twist from that meddling matchmaker I didn’t see coming…


Cover Reveal –> August 24

Release Day –> September 27

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