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Who’s ready for GENT? I love this cover like crazy and the positive response has me floating! 😍 

Cover designer ➔ Talia with Talia’s Book Covers

Photographer ➔ Eric Battershell Photography

Cover model ➔ Ryan Stacks

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Raven Elliot blasts into town like a wrecking ball—striking and devastating.

With a few simple words, my reliable routine crumbles to dust.

“Is this seat taken?”

I could close my eyes and let her voice wrap around me like a lover’s caress.

But this isn’t that type of story.

And I’m sure as hell not that kind of man.

She hovers in my space, batting her lashes and smiling shyly.

The glimmer in her sapphire eyes is a promise of peace.

But I’m not falling for it.

And Raven doesn’t take the hint.

What starts as a battle of wills, explodes into a turf war.

She stands directly in my path everywhere I turn.

No matter how hard I shove, she won’t budge.

Raven seems dead set on driving me insane.

But I was here first.

And I’m not going down easy.

After all, no one ever taught me how to treat a lady.

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