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COVER REVEAL & EXCERPT: There’s Always Someday

My next release is set to arrive on October 7th! While we wait for There’s Always Someday, let’s gawk at the cover and read an excerpt.

Cover designer: Book Cover Kingdom

Photographer: Rafa G. Catalá

Model: Alex

Release date: October 7th



And the blurb…

Give your heart to a man worthy of the claim.”

That’s been his constant excuse for keeping distance between us.

Little does he know that I’m his for the taking. 

If only he’d have me. 

Nolan Jasper has been my broody neighbor for almost six years.

I’ve been hopelessly infatuated with him just as long.

The bond I have with his little girl only serves to strengthen that hold. 

Since they moved in that stormy night, I’ve been trying to restore what was lost.

I would do just about anything for those two.

Acting as Nolan’s reliable doormat is getting old, though.

Especially when he seems incapable of accepting love.

I’m finally willing to admit that man is a lost cause.

Too broken. 



Nolan Jasper has pushed me away for the last time.

If only he realized it before I’m already gone.

And an excerpt…

“What’s your deal? Why do you insist on brushing me off?” I’m not sure where this bold attitude is coming from, but I lean into the shift.

Headlights from the street reflect through the front window, illuminating his frown. “I shouldn’t have said anything.”

I scoff and cross my arms. “Don’t pretend that you haven’t thought about exploring more between us. I see the lingering stares. Those subtle touches that last far longer than friendly brushes. I won’t wait for you much longer.”

He averts his glare to a spot on the floor. “I never expected you to.”

“Then why are you sabotaging my love life? Pete is a nice enough guy, but you ran him off. Is that you marking your territory?” I couldn’t care less about Pete and his pushy tactics, but the principle remains.

“Do you want me to?”


His smirk calls me on my bullshit. “You don’t need his kind of trouble.”

“But I need yours?”

“Be careful with what you’re implying.”

There’s no diverting the roll I’m on. “Why?”

“Because you can’t take it back.”

“Maybe I don’t want to.”

Nolan straightens, shoving frigid distance between us. “We can’t cross this line.”

That’s the moment I snap. A haze flickers across my vision as I swivel to face him. “Am I fucking invisible?”

He recoils at my harsh tone. “No.”

“Then why have you been looking through me for six years?”

His expression morphs, cracking under the pressure. In the next instant, his mouth is slamming against mine. I jolt from the sudden onslaught. Nolan tunnels his fingers in my hair, locking me in place against him. The shock vanishes when he groans against me.

Blistering passion explodes from where we’re connected. I part my lips and grant him entry, heat flooding me instantly. His need pumps in my bloodstream with every swipe of his tongue against mine. The fist in my hair guides me to the position he wishes. His demand for control only stokes the fire rushing under my skin. I shiver from the burn. He hauls me closer, and I seek solace in his warmth.

Screw going slow for a mere taste. This man is devouring me.

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