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We’re one week away from the release of Lost in Him. This calls for an excerpt reveal!

Before that, be sure to get notified when Lost in Him goes live HERE.

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Okay, now enjoy this snippet from Penny’s POV.

Copyright 2022, Harloe Rae

Simmering fury rolls off him in waves as he stands too still. With a snap of his fingers, he beckons Rune to heel at his side. The dog glances between us, somber and hesitant. Conflict whimpers from him.

“Does Rune belong to you?” It deserves repeating based on his reluctance.

The man’s blue eyes flash to mine for a mere beat before skittering away.

His behavior suggests submission, but I’m no fool. He bleeds pure dominance. His lack of eye contact is most likely a snub, or he isn’t comfortable giving it.

A delayed and startling realization slams into me. Maybe he can’t talk and I’m offending him with this insistent questioning. I’m struck with a fiery blow of alarm straight to my chest.

As if to soothe my guilt—or stoke my irritation—the man disproves that unspoken theory.

“Rune,” he states with authority. “Come.”

The command in his growly timbre makes my knees quake. I fumble to remain upright, fanning the embers erupting across my skin. The fluttering somersaults in my belly aren’t appreciated. I shouldn’t be having such a strong reaction to him. He’s just a man, an extremely surly one at that.

“Come.” He snaps those powerful fingers again, demanding that his command is promptly followed.

Rune lifts from his haunches and glances at me, an apology drooping his stance. His mismatched eyes are rimmed with indecision.

“Go on,” I urge with a shooing motion. “We’re in enough trouble already.”

The silent brute emits a gruff noise, as if I’m turning his best friend against him. It shouldn’t be that easy. The scolded pooch whimpers again, nearly cracking my heart in two.

I return to my crouched position and offer the pup a farewell pat. “Feel free to visit whenever, Runey-boy. The cabin gets lonely.”

The comment is a last-ditch effort to get a rise from the broody stranger who refuses to speak. Sure enough, all I’m met with is chilled silence. Shocking.

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