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We are ONE WEEK away from the release of Yours to Catch. Garrett and Grace and their hilarious friends-to-lovers romance arrives on October 25th.


While we wait for release day, enjoy this excerpt from their first interaction.

After a final inspection, I set the specialty beverage on the bar top for her approval. An oversized mason jar showcases the tropical concoction. The different flavored layers provide a colorful presentation. In addition to the visual pleasure, there’s enough fruit on the rim to be considered an afternoon snack.

Her blue eyes sparkle in appreciation. “How pretty. Is this one of your signature drinks for Swing into Spring?”

“Nah, this is just a little something I whipped up for you.”

Grace clutches her palms over her chest. “Aww, thank you. What is it?”

“Let’s call it…” I pause to think of an appropriate title. “Ultimate Distraction.”

“And why would we choose that?”

“It’s inspired by you.”

She presses a fluttered hand to her forehead, pretending to swoon. “Are you a closet romantic?”

“Are you trying to flatline my dick permanently, woman?” My balls threaten to shrivel at the prospect alone.

Loud laughter escapes her. “Don’t worry, bartender. I’d never do that to your harem. How much do I owe you?”

“This one is on the house. Maybe it will lift your spirits along with your skirt.” I drop a cocktail straw into her drink.

“That’s sweet. Mostly. But do you have a bigger one?” She frowns at the stir stick like it’s offensive.

I bite my knuckles with a growl. “Damn, baby. Why didn’t you say so sooner? I can give you a solid nine inches if you’re willing to drop the serious relationship requirement for a night.”

“Only if you’re willing to be my Prince Charming for always. Why should I be the one to sacrifice what I want?” She puckers her lips in an erotic display that gets my blood pumping too hot.

I almost concede before logic smacks me. “Afraid I can’t agree to those terms.”

Her sigh attempts to convince me that she’s disappointed. “Then I guess this is where we part ways.”

“Don’t be bleak.” I grab a regular-sized straw and slide it into her glass. “Our paths will cross again.”

Grace tosses me a wink before snagging her drink from the counter. “I’ll leave that up to you, soulmate.”

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