MISS – Special Edition




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The boy she loved is gone. The man I’ve become doesn’t deserve her.

Delilah Sage was the first girl I loved, my first for many things, but that’s only the beginning. She was a warm embrace after especially hard nights, offering comfort where there was only pain. Delilah kept me from sinking and I promised her forever. I should have known better.

I ruined the only good in my life. Now all I have is regret, constant and relentless. My need for Delilah hasn’t faded after all these years. She’s the only woman who understood me. There’s no moving on from that. I’ve accepted my fate of being alone. This is what I deserve.

Until I’m handed a second chance—whether I want it or not. A job brings me back to the small town I swore would stay in my past. The memories and mistakes are waiting to greet me. I try to keep my distance, but Delilah has always been my weakness. One look won’t hurt. How quickly I forget she’s impossible to resist.

After all, letting her go was never my intention.


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