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BONUS SCENE: Forget You Not

As a THANK YOU for Forget You Not reaching 50 reviews, I wrote a little something extra for Lark and Rowen. I had this scene bouncing in my mind but it didn’t end up in the book. I am so grateful for everything you all have done for me over the last week. THANK YOU!

Rowen comes up behind me on the rocky embankment and cinches his strong arms around my waist. He rests his chin gently on my shoulder before whispering, “Wanna go swimming?”

My eyes scan the slowly flowing river as I imagine the cool water lapping against my heated skin. His suggestion sounds like seductive perfection–our wet bodies gliding together against the rippling stream–but there’s one problem.

A disappointed sigh eases through my purses lips. “I didn’t pack a swimsuit.”

Rowen’s scruff scrapes along my nape as he shakes his head. “That’s a real bummer, Vix.” His words don’t reflect his humorous tone.

“Urgh, yeah.” I roll my eyes. “I didn’t think there’d be a need for any clothes this weekend.” My grumble is quiet as I start pulling away from him, suddenly sullen since the potential for a splash party has been doused.

His chest shakes with a light chuckle. “What was that, Sweetheart?” Rowen tightens his hold and draws me back in, effectively halting my escape. His talented fingers dig deeper into my hips and a delicious tingle zaps through me.

My head rolls along Rowen’s muscled pec as he keeps tempting me with slight strokes. I manage to find my voice through the lust threatening to takeover. “I don’t have my bikini because someone refused to tell me where he was taking me.” I clear my dry throat. “Now we can’t have any fun in the water.” My bottom lip pouts out as I glance up at him through my lashes.

Rowen hums while massaging my sides in a delectable tease. “Maybe I didn’t tell you on purpose.” He purrs against my temple.

“Hmmm,” is all I manage to get out.

His palms start sliding up my stomach, lifting my shirt with the movement. “Skinny dipping is a more appealing option, don’t you think?”

My arms rise automatically as the fabric bunches above my bra. “Absolutely, Casper.” The breathy rasp feels like smoke leaving my lungs.

After my top slips off, Rowen leans down to the juncture between my neck and shoulder. He gently nips my sensitive skin before sucking the sting away. “Have you ever been naked in a river, Sweetheart?” He asks while turning me around to face him.

I shake my head and get consumed by the blue flames blazing from his stare. Rowen is engulfing me with tantalizing fire and scorching my flesh with his burning need. The need to rip our clothes off overpowers me and I eagerly reach for the hem of his shirt.

He tugs me closer by my belt loop. “Me either, Vix.” Rowen’s nose brushes down my cheek. “Another first for us,” is murmured along my flushed face.

Before I can reply, Rowen’s lips crash down on mine and our desires melts into one.

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