As promised, here’s a snippet from WMF. This is from Ryker’s POV and gives you a glimpse into his misunderstood mind. My sad, lonely guy!

©Harloe Rae, 2017

Possessiveness has been slowly spreading through me like molasses but since she’s looked my way, I’ll never be able to let her go. The realization hits hard and knocks any remaining sense loose.

Not that I had much to begin with–at least according to my peers.

I’ve been called every nasty name in the bully book but I stopped giving a shit years ago. Usually everyone pretends I don’t exist, but their taunts behind my back carry across the echoing halls. The snickering ridicule and cruel names follow me after I pass by their crowded huddles. I don’t blame them for keeping quiet to my face lately. Considering I’m built like a brick shit house and barely eighteen, I’d turn the other way too. It doesn’t help that I never talk to anyone or even look their way. No one at all. Nada. Zero. Zilch.

I’d talk to Lennon though. She can have all my words and focus. I would give her anything she asks for without a moment of hesitation.

She’s still smiling at me.

What does this mean? Does she like me? Or is she secretly mocking me like everyone else?


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