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Now…are you ready for something a little spicy? This is a steamy treat for Decker and Delaney as they spend their first Valentine’s Day together. This scene is sexy and naughty and NSFW. Enjoy!

– – –


©Harloe Rae, 2020


I skip my fingers over a few silky pieces on the table. The scraps of flimsy fabric are barely recognizable, but I’ve been to Meadow Kisses enough times to know what this display holds. Lacie would be so proud of me. I can almost hear her chants in my mind as I continue contemplating my potential purchase.

Put on your sexy-lady panties—quite literally.

Do it, Dell. Woman up.

The satin material feels like warm butter on your skin.

You’ll make Decker drool all over the floor.

With a near-silent huff, I grab a small collection of barely-there undies. Will these even cover my lady bits? Guess I’ll find out soon enough. Before turning away, I add a see-through negligée to my pile. I might as well go all out for this. This is our first Valentine’s Day together. I want the occasion to leave a lasting impression, one we’ll remember for years to come. I clench my thighs together on that final word. If all goes according to plan, there will be plenty of that.

Familiar butterflies attack my belly and a giggle escapes me as I stride to the register. Why does the idea of dressing up for my fiancé make me giddy? Maybe because this is another first for us. I’m pushing the last of our paper-thin boundaries. Picturing the look on Decker’s face increases my breathing until I’m practically panting. Good grief, I need to get a grip. Even so, I pick up the pace to get this plan in faster motion.

The cashier gives me a warm smile. “Looks like you found what you were looking for.”

I nod, perhaps too quickly. “Oh, yes. I have everything I could ever need.”

“That’s excellent to hear.” Her lips lift higher. She rings up my X-rated thongs with the efficiency and grace of a professional. Meanwhile, I’m sweating bullets and can’t maintain eye contact.

“Um, yep…sure is.” A fire settles in my cheeks and I avert my gaze. Again.

Her laugh is a twinkling sound. “Don’t be nervous. It’s just lingerie.”

That reassurance has me glimpsing at her. “Is it weird that I am?”

“Not at all.” She waves off my concern. “It’s a very personal thing. Like buying tampons from a male clerk or condoms from an elderly woman.”

I snap my fingers. “Exactly. You totally get it.”

“Thank goodness for that since I do this for a living.” She passes me a pink bag with sparkling tissue paper exploding out of the top.

“Well, I’ll be sure to swing by more often.”

“I have zero doubt once your man gets a good look at what’s in there.” She motions to my loot.

I clutch the handles while tamping down my inner seductress attempting to hurry me along. “I’m thinking he will be pleased.”

“Have fun,” she sings as I turn to leave.

That earns her a wave of my fingers. “Same to you.”

My trip home is a blur of excitement and nerves. The pounding in my chest matches the dull ache in my lower belly. A glance at the clock shows I have less than twenty minutes until Decker arrives. That gets me hustling into a speedier gear.

I undress, only to slip on my delicate temptations. With a twist in front of the mirror, I find my lips curving into a pleased grin. Damn, a little black lace goes a long way. Thin strips crisscross over my hips and lead down between my legs. There’s hardly any material, but that’s the point. Having fabric obscuring entry would defeat the purpose.

What I’m wearing on top is more substantial, but barely. The sheer chemise bodice is held together by a small hook at my bust. This peek-a-book combination provides a tantalizing curtain to my breasts. I secure a loose bow with the dangling ribbons, the velvet edging sliding between my fingers. My friend was right—I do feel sexy and alluring. I’m also very comfortable.

A tingling thrill shoots to my core when I hear the front door open. I fluff up my hair, wink at my reflection, and sashay to the bed. I sprawl out on the cool sheets, a package waiting to be opened.

“Dell?” Decker’s baritone vibrates the wall from downstairs.

I don’t bother clearing the smokey lust from my throat. “Up here, honey.”

“Are you ready to go? I figured you’d be hungry by now.”

“Oh, I’m starving.”

His chuckle has my toes curling into the blanket. “What’s up, Dell?”

“Why don’t you find out?”

With each heavy footfall on the steps, my arousal ratchets up another degree. By the time Decker strides into the room, I’m fanning my face and ready to pounce. His moan of clear appreciation reins in my overzealous impulsions.

I drift a hand down my exposed torso. “Hey, Deck.”

His throat bobs with a thick swallow. “Is this my present?”

“One of them.”

“Not sure it gets better.” Decker prowls toward me. Blatant desire blazes in the depths of his eyes.

“I always aim to deliver the best.” My voice resembles a purr. I bend and stretch across the cushiony surface beneath me, beckoning him without another word.

The jiggle of his belt coming undone makes me squirm. “We’ll be late for dinner,” he warns.

“That’s quite all right. I figured we could start with an appeti-teaser.”

“There won’t be anything left strictly teased once I’m done with you.”

“Good. That was my real plan.”

He reaches for the elastic at my waist and I shake my head. His answering smirk is filthy. “Playing hard to get?”

“Never.” I spread my legs, showing him exactly what I’m getting at.

He staggers, almost crashing to his knees. “Holy shit, Dell. Crotchless?”

I fiddle with one of the strings. “I seem to recall this as your choice once upon a random shopping spree.”

“This is a fantasy come true.” His jeans and briefs drop in one fluid motion. He rips his shirt off next, tossing it behind him without care.

I walk my toes up his naked thigh. “Have your way with me.”

The noise he emits is feral, a rabid beast ready to claim his prey. “With pleasure, baby.”

Decker covers my body with his own. The blanket he provides is of the erotic variety, his insistent arousal twitching against my belly. I zero in on his mouth and the naughty tilt waiting for me there. He takes my not so subtle hint, slanting our lips together. I moan into our kiss and a grumble rolls off his chest in response. His heat blends with mine, stoking the flames inside of me. With a purposeful shift, I lift my legs and wrap them around him.

His tongue traces circles up my jaw. “Damn, I love you.”

“Love you so much,” I murmur into his neck.

In the next moment, his length nudges my entrance. That’s my only warning, not that I need one. He feeds every delicious inch inside of me in a smooth slide. “Damn, Dell. You’re so fucking wet.”

“This is what you do to me,” I wheeze.

“So. Fucking. Hot.” His words match the slick thrusts into me.

The pressure is already brewing inside of me. Crackling sparks erupt in my core, spreading outward until my fingertips buzz. I grip his biceps, tugging him closer. “Yes, yes. I love it when you go deep.”

“Like this?” He wrenches my hips into his, increasing the pace with each slap of our flesh meeting.

“Uh-huh, oh…oh. Just like that.”

“Hold on, Dell. It’s gonna get rough.”

A burst of light steals my vision. I’m spinning, dizzy from his powerful force. I jut my chest up against his. The slide of his skin against my throbbing nipples is enough to send me soaring. “Oh, Deck. You make me feel so damn good.”

His growl vibrates against my throat. “Fuck, your words get to me. What you give me is so much more than I deserve. I’ll never tire of being inside of you.” He punctuates his meaning with a brutal thrust that rocks my body up the mattress. The headboard is dangerously close to drilling a hole in the wall. That evidence might be worth it, though.

I claw down his back at that thought. “Harder, Deck. I want more.”

His pace turns punishing. Steely hardness drives into my molten center, faster with each return. “Tell me what you need, baby.”

“All of you inside of me. Everywhere. Anything. Please give it to me.” I barely comprehend what I’m asking for. My body is burning up with a fever that belongs to this man.

“Whatever you wish is mine to deliver.”

“Yes, yes,” I chant again.

Decker’s mouth latches onto my nipple through the lace, engulfing the needy peak between his teeth. I mewl and bury my fingers in his hair. My climax is hovering on a cloud just out of reach. As if hearing my desperation for release, his massive palm clamps down on the globe of my ass and squeezes. He’s in control, owning me with touch alone. His fingers brush dangerously close to my backside and I gasp.

Decker nips at my shoulder. “What, baby?”

“You’re getting near uncharted territory.”

“Wouldn’t be the first time.”

“Always tempting me,” I moan.

“Doesn’t it feel good?”

I lick my lips and wiggle against the foreign touch. “I’m getting warmed up to the idea.”

“Just a little tease?” His thumb swipes along my crack. A shudder spirals through me.

“I thought that wasn’t on the menu.” I groan when his digit presses in ever so slightly.

“Testing the limits of your wild side gets me off faster than these panties.” He doesn’t breach me, seemingly content to continue toying with the idea. The suggestion gets my blood pumping hotter than lava.

“Explore away, fiancé.”

His eyes cross at the term. “Fuck, that’s my trigger.”

I nibble on his earlobe, giving him another dose. “I can’t wait to marry you.”

His strokes turn jerky and I know he’s tipping off the axis with me. As Decker pounds into me, I leap toward the edge of the cliff. He strikes the spot that always detonates me and I scream.

“Right there, oh, oh!”

Decker trembles on top of me as euphoria swallows him. I grip him in a tight embrace that has no end. His arms band around me with the same effort. Our bodies blur and blend as one, a loop of pure satisfaction shooting us beyond this stratosphere. The waves crash over and over until I’m left in a breathless heap. My muscles threaten to cramp from the spasms.

Once the shockwaves wear off, Decker lifts up onto his elbow. “Best gift ever.”

I wink at him. “Happy Valentine’s Day, babe.”

He kisses me, long and slow. “The celebration is just beginning.”

– – –

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Keeper Valentine's Bonus




As promised, here’s a snippet from WMF. This is from Ryker’s POV and gives you a glimpse into his misunderstood mind. My sad, lonely guy!

©Harloe Rae, 2017

Possessiveness has been slowly spreading through me like molasses but since she’s looked my way, I’ll never be able to let her go. The realization hits hard and knocks any remaining sense loose.

Not that I had much to begin with–at least according to my peers.

I’ve been called every nasty name in the bully book but I stopped giving a shit years ago. Usually everyone pretends I don’t exist, but their taunts behind my back carry across the echoing halls. The snickering ridicule and cruel names follow me after I pass by their crowded huddles. I don’t blame them for keeping quiet to my face lately. Considering I’m built like a brick shit house and barely eighteen, I’d turn the other way too. It doesn’t help that I never talk to anyone or even look their way. No one at all. Nada. Zero. Zilch.

I’d talk to Lennon though. She can have all my words and focus. I would give her anything she asks for without a moment of hesitation.

She’s still smiling at me.

What does this mean? Does she like me? Or is she secretly mocking me like everyone else?