Lost in Him




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“He’s the unpredictable I couldn’t prepare for.”

This summer is my chance to begin again.
Fulfill the dreams that were previously ignored.
The adventure starts at a secluded cabin in the middle of nowhere.

That’s where I find him avoiding civilization.

Nash Hudson is a broody recluse holding a major grudge.
With stormy eyes and a perpetual scowl to match, his dark mood tries to steal my sunshine.
I take his hostility personally, only to discover he doesn’t like anyone.

Little does he realize that my stubborn streak rivals his.

As it turns out, Nash is the tortured hero my love story is missing.
Too bad he’s very reluctant to fill that role.
Thanks to a little luck—or a strike of lightning—he’s forced to face me.

I’ll break down his walls as if this soul searching depends on it.
Or maybe I’ll end up getting lost in him instead.


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